Campaign Manager Reach Error

Data Team

Dimensions: date, campaign
Merics: unique reach:click reach, unique reach:total reach, unique reach:impression reach

Get the following:
Error in DCM datasource API: Number of manager items must equal union of block items # manager items: 7, # tot_items: 9

Have confirmed the reports runs directly in campaign manager


Activity Newest / Oldest


Data Team

I have replicated the error in gsheets and sent the report.

However, in future if the error occurs in BQ Transfer, where can I report it?


Adela Delso

Hello Data,

We need more details to look into this issue, can you please report it? Please make sure the metrics and dimensions are selected on the add-on before reporting the issue. Learn how here: www.dataslayer.ai/faqs/how-can-i-report-an-issue-with-my-queries/