Cannot connect to Microsoft Advertising


Hello! I'm having a problem connecting to Microsoft Advertising. I select, the source, log in to my account and then it redirects me back to data slayer, but my source isn't there. Instead, I see a drop down as if I had added an account, but the only options are to add a new user or delete all users.

I'm investigating on my end anything that could be causing this, but I haven't found anything.


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Antonio Barral

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Fran Saavedra

Hello Trevor,

the message you show in the screenshot appears when the browser tab we open to select an account to log in with is closed without selecting an account.

Can you confirm if this tab opens correctly? To rule out a pop-up blocker problem.



Trevor Johns

Hey Adela!

Just wanted to give you guys an update:
I tried with other logins at my company, and everyone is having the same issue. Is there anything that your team thinks may have caused this?


Trevor Johns

Hey Adela!

I've attached screenshots of what I'm seeing. The first image is the error I see when I first log in, it tells me I need to connect to an account.

The second image is the drop down that I'm seeing, but my account is not there.


Adela Delso

Hello, we have tried to replicate that error but we can see our Microsoft Advertising accounts. Does an error message appear? can you please send a screenshot of what you are telling us?