Connecting Facebook

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Elias Önder

I cannot currently connect Looker Studio with Facebook. Although it has worked perfectly only hours ago, I now receive this:
Community Connector Error
There was an error caused by the community connector. Please report the issue to the provider of this community connector if this issue persists.

Connector details
Internal Datasource Error: Cannot get Facebook custom conversions,(#2635) Your app has been upgraded to version v16.0, please use this version or newer. This can be verified in the settings tab on the App Dashboard.;Status Code: 200

Error ID: undefined


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Adela Delso

Status changed to: Fixed


Adela Delso

Hello Elias, it should already be solved. The IT team uploaded a new version and it caused that error to appear but it should be fixed by now. Van you please try again? Thanks


Renato Cruz

Still with the same error, I even posted a message with the print of the message.


Adela Delso

Hello Renato, My colleague Juliana answered your post.