Import from Supermetrics - Multiple Issues

Natdanai Charoenanusorn

I've tried to import from supermetrics (Facebook platform)
the following metric settings

and got those errors
Unsupported metrics: messaging_conversations_started

Additionally I got also an error as following
Not a valid Email to refresh for this query. Please, check column "Refresh with user account" (generally, "AU" Google Sheet column in SupermetricsQueries tab)

What can I do


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Adela Delso

Hello again, I've just seen we do have the metric Messaging conversations started, so there might be a bug there, Could you please report the query from the add-on so the IT team can look at it?


Adela Delso

Hello, it looks like we don't have that metric, I'll try to see if we can develop it.
About the second error, you need to change the user in the column AU of the SupermetricsQueries tab to your email so you can refresh the queries imported from that document.
Remind you that you can also contact us via our live chat for more immediate support.