Import from supermetrics

Faye Chen

I have a sheet that works with existing supermetrics queries. The import option can find the correct account and datasouce is only Google Analytics.

Initially the import function detected the user name accessing the queries but nothing happens after proceeding.

Removing all but 1 of the supermetrics queries now causes the import function to not proceed to the next screen after the "Waiting for the response" message which then disappears and nothing appears to have changed.


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Antonio Barral

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Fran Saavedra

When the query import process is complete, we send an email with the result to the account on which Dataslayer is being used. We have added a new message informing about this.

As for the reason why the queries were not imported, it was because Supermetrics used a metric that we had not yet implemented. This has now been resolved, so it should work next time.