Meta Ads - Promoted Post Instagram ID referrs wrong

Mirco Kuzelak (Mirco NM)

Hello Team Dataslayer,

I dug deep into the Meta Ads connector and found the following misleading naming / wrong referrer in it:
I need to pull the Instagram Post ID and added the field "Promoted post Instagram ID", however the IDs never matched. Your documentation says, the original field name is effective_instagram_story_id . Metas documentation seems a bit misleading here, but apparently this field referrs to "storys" only. The better field would be effective_instagram_media_id since it includes IDs for any media posted on instagram, not just storys (or maybe excluding stories).

It would be really helpful to change the name of the dataslayser field "Promoted post Instagram ID" to "promoted story Instagram ID". Even better to add the field to the connector effective_instagram_media_id since it will provide the missing link between meta ads and instagram insights on a post ID level.

Can you do this?


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Adela Delso

Hello Mirco, thanks for your feedback. Let me take it to the IT team and see if what you request is possible. I'll let you know as soon as I get any updates.