Name of sheet cannot be found

Will Ridley

I am editing a query and it will not run the refresh because it says it cannot find the sheet name. However the sheet name has not changed.


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Fran Saavedra

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Antonio Barral

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Antonio Barral

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Antonio Barral

Hi Will,
What I can see in the screenshot is that the query has ETA"s as the Sheet Name (the ' is added by default in some cases) and the Sheet itself is called ETA. Therefore, the Sheet name has changed or the query cell of Sheet Name has changed.

Theoretically, if you change the Sheet name, every query created in that sheet will update its Sheet Name cell value.

If there was an error in this process, it is difficult to find it, unless we have a description step-by-step of the error. I tried to change the name of a sheet to have the same name you shared in the screenshot and it worked as expected.

Best regards,