Queries that have been imported to DS are not pulling all data that SM was.

Will Ridley

I migrated a sheet and refreshed it with DS, however not all rows of data are pulling in DS that were in SM. There were 1331 rows of data missing in total. The attached video is long, and shows my whole migration process including several instances of trying to view sheet history to compare to the previous versions numbers. By doing this I realised the numbers were wrong. I also noted that the (not set) value has been renamed to null in DS, which breaks my formulas that were searching for them. These should be called exactly what they are in GA, unless something else is happening here? Gdrive recording link: drive.google.com/file/d/1oAMaKevONv72PhNlbNb0GhYGi9dvkS-H/view?usp=sharing


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Antonio Barral

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