Query turns blank after being modified

Anne Mui

I've imported SM query into DS, and when trying to modify it, after confirming changes, everything on the extension turns blank and the query doesn't get changed


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Antonio Barral

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Antonio Barral

Hi Anne,

Please share the parameters of the query you have imported (you can share it here or use the report tool in Dataslayer) and check that the query is properly imported in the DataslayerQueries tab and if in SupermetricsQueries tab has a proper structure. It will be useful the info stored for that query in DataslayerQueries. If you can share with us that information too we will appreciate it.

In general, without knowing this kind of info (query parameters and sometimes the row in DataslayerQueries) we cannot do a lot to find the error.

Thank you in advance


Anne Mui

Account views: [{"account_name":"Atomic Search AU c/o MH AUNZ - DV360 - APAC","name":"Australian Museums","advertiser_id":"595647091","id":"345237","profile_id":""}]

Metrics: [{"id":"METRIC_REVENUE_PARTNER","name":"Revenue"}]

[{"id":"FILTER_DATE","name":"Date"},{"id":"FILTER_INSERTION_ORDER_NAME","name":"Insertion order name"}]

Query UUID: 30524fcad0b9410facc96dd31df55682


Julia Moreno

Hi Anne, thank you for sending us the bug. It is already fixed.