Configuration cells in DataslayerQueries sheet should not be overwritten on query refresh

Chris Georgakopoulos

I'd like the query configuration to be able to be changed by the user, without using the DataSlayer UI, but for example by selecting a value from a dropdown on another sheet. In order to support this functionality, some of the configuration cells should be references to other sheets. This is not currently possible, because on query refresh, all configuration values get replaced with their static values, eliminating any formulas previously on these cells.

I've build a query pulling data from GA. On DataslayerQueries sheets, on "Accounts/views" column, the cell has the following content:
[{"profile_id":"","account_name":"","name":"Test Account","id":"999999999","advertiser_id":""}]

I'd like to have the above value as a reference to some other cells, for example I could use the following formula:
="[{""profile_id"":"""",""account_name"":"""",""name"":""" & Configuration!B1 & """,""id"":""" & Configuration!B2 & """,""advertiser_id"":""""}]"

At the first run this will work, as DataSlayer will pull the rendered result of the formula, but after the first refresh, the formula will be replaced with a static value.

The above functionality exists in SuperMetrics and it's used to build complicated queries with a more user friendly management interface than the addon itself, while at the same time enforcing / checking other business rules.

After all, I don't see why there is a need to replace configuration values, those cells should only act as a source of information for DataSlayer.

Please contact me if the description is not clear.



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Antonio Barral

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Antonio Barral

Hi Chris,
We got the idea, thank you to share it with us! The developer who can manage this issue is on vacation until the 1st of September. When he comes back we will try to prioritize your issue.

Best regards,