Custom Date Tricks in Dataslayer

Do you want to learn how to have more control over the time range in your queries? Here's how to do that!

If you use our tool for Google Sheets, API Query or BigQuery you probably know the option to define the date range of your query.

You will see that there are 2 options to select the range: by calendar and by predefined fields:


But there are also some hidden functions that our programmers have developed so that you can get even more out of it. These are the "custom date tricks ": words that you can type in the date fields (instead of numbers) to define a date in a more personalized way.


How can you do this?

  • You can use words like: now, yesterday, today, tomorrow, last sunday, next friday, this saturday....
  • You can use the date format "DD month YYYY". For example: 30 october 2022
  • You can use operations like: - 15 days, + 5 hours...
  • And of course you can also combine them together!

Here is an example:



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