How to add formulas to the backend in Dataslayer

Did you know that Dataslayer allows using formulas on its backend?

This is a very useful functionality if you have to quickly change a date range or some filters.
Imagine not having to open the extension to modify date ranges or filters in an already-created query... Dream granted! 


  • Columns from A to L, from AD to AM, and AO in the DataslayerQueries sheet don't support formulas.
  • If you have put a formula in any field, for example in the dates, you should not modify those fields from the Dataslayer extension, since in that case there may be discrepancies and the new value will not be updated in the DataslayerQueries sheet.

Let's see an example:

Let's create a formula with a date range (you will be able to change a date range very quickly in any of your queries made with Dataslayer!)

In steps 1 to 5 below, you can see how to add a custom formula (named range) in Google Sheets. You can skip these steps if you already have custom formulas created.

  1. Click on the down arrow at the top left of the document.
  2. Click on the "Manage Named Range" option at the bottom of the drop-down.
  3. The "Named range" sidebar will open at the right of the document. Click on "+Add a range".
  4. Create your own formula.
  5. Create your own formula.



If you already have custom formulas created, you can skip the first part and dive directly here!

Now you can create a normal query with Dataslayer, with the date range you want:


Let's go now to the "DataslayerQueries" hidden sheet, and take a look at the "N" and "O" columns. In steps 7 to 9, we are changing the date range to the custom formulas we have created before:


Now you can refresh this query in Dataslayer. Notice the results!


This functionality allows digital marketers to directly change any parameter of their queries very quickly!

As always, contact us via our live chat if you still have doubts!