How to duplicate queries for another account

In this article we explain how to duplicate queries from one to another account, so you don’t need to make the whole query from scratch for every client.

It’s common to have a standard query or template that you can use for different clients. And Dataslayer has the functionality to duplicate queries from one to another account!

It's as simple as opening the Extensions tab on Google Sheets and clicking “Duplicate this file” on the Dataslayer’s menu. Select the new account you want to duplicate the query for and, in a few minutes, it will open in a new document, saving you lots of time.

  1. Click on Extensions > Dataslayer > Duplicate this file.


2. Select the new account you want to duplicate the query and if you want to reset sheet contents. 

The reset sheet contents option will delete all data in the document except for the DataslayerQueries sheet and then launch a refresh all queries so all tables will refresh. This option is perfect to avoid issues when the Combine new with old results option is selected. But if you have data that you don't want to eliminate do not select this option.


Note that if you have queries with data sources such as Google Trends or Json where there are no accounts to choose from, the queries will be copied with the current parameters, there will be no option to change the account, as you can see in the following image:


3. Done! It will open a new document with the duplicated query. This will take more or less time depending on how much data the document has.

Even if the new document has already been opened, wait a little while as data is still being loaded.

If you still have doubts you can see it in detail in this short video tutorial:

Duplicate queries

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