How to install Power BI trusted Dataslayer connector

With our trusted connector for Power BI you can easily have information from any of our data sources directly into Power BI.

Dataslayer is in the process of Microsoft app certification. Meanwhile, to use it, you need to do a manual installation as we explain below. You can vote here for Microsoft to approve our connector, thank you for your support.


faqs (15)

1. Log in to our website.

2. Click on Open under the Power BI Destination.

New UI - PBI

3. Click on Connect to Power BI and download the Dataslayer.mez file, as indicated in the instructions.

New UI - PBI (1)

4. Once done, set up a folder on your computer named "Custom Connectors" in the following location:

[Documents]\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors

You may need to create the Power BI Desktop folder under the Documents section first.

5. After setting up this folder, copy the Dataslayer.mez file and paste it into the Custom Connectors folder you've just created.

Done! You have successfully installed the Dataslayer connector in Power BI.


faqs (16)

1. Open Power BI Desktop and go to File > Options and settings > Options > Security.

2. Search for Data Extensions and click on "Allow any extension to load without validation or warning".

3. Done! Click on OK, and restart Power BI Desktop.


As always, please contact us via our live chat on our website or via email if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!