What does the error "There was an error caused by this connector" in looker Studio mean?

Have you ever encountered this error in your Looker Studio Dashboard?

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Here we explain where it comes from and how to solve it.

Why does this error happen?

This error comes directly from Google, it is external to Dataslayer.

It is due to a Google limitation that only allows 30 simultaneous executions in Looker Studio per user. Google has acknowledged and reported this limitation in its official documentation, which you can read by clicking here.

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This means that the error will appear every time the limit of executions when you load the page is exceeded, which in this case is 30.

As this limit is external to Dataslayer, the executions count regardless of whether the widget is connected to Dataslayer or not.

How can I solve it?

To avoid this error, you have to divide the widgets into different pages so you do not exceed Google's limitations once you open a specific page.

For the majority of cases, having less than 30 widgets per dashboard page will make the error disappear.

In addition, there may be some cases where, thanks to Dataslayer's advanced cache system, after reloading several times the page can load without errors, but we do not recommend this option as it does not follow Google's limitation and is not as effective.

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