What is an Early Access connector


If you check the 40+ connectors we have available, you will see that some of them are in Early Access.

What does this mean?

At Dataslayer we want to give priority to our users so that you can be the first to use the new connectors.

The Early Access connectors are the ones we have developed more recently. They are connectors in which we are implementing improvements and new functionalities for the final version. They are like a beta version open to all users.

Early Access may also indicate that the data source API (i.e. the external API that sends the data to Dataslayer) is not yet in its final version, so it will present improvements and changes over time.

At Dataslayer we really appreciate feedback from our users, so please don't hesitate to write to us through our website chat or through our email if you have any questions or suggestions for new features in our connectors.