Why should I not modify the "DataslayerQueries" sheet and what is it for?

When using Dataslayer in Google Sheets, the hidden sheet "DataslayerQueries" is the place where all the query information and data needed for Dataslayer to work is stored.

Therefore, it is very important that the user NEVER modifies or deletes anything from this sheet (including deleting the first header row), as this could cause failures in Dataslayer and other related problems.

In case you have made any modification to the "DataslayerQueries" sheet and Dataslayer or any of its queries are not working properly, you have two option to try to recover them:

1.  Change the name of the "DataslayerQueries" sheet to a different one.

2.  Reload the document and open the Dataslayer extension. This will generate a new DataslayerQueries sheet.

3.  Copy the query information from the old sheet to the new one.

1.  In Google Sheets menu click on File > Version history > See version history

2.  Select an old version of the document where everything worked correctly.

3.  Restore that version.

These processes will work in the majority of cases. It is the user's responsibility NOT TO MODIFY the DataslayerQueries sheet under any circumstances unless directed to do so.

Therefore, it is very important that the user NEVER modifies or deletes anything on this sheet (e.g., deleting the first header row of the sheet, deleting cells info or modifying columns), as this may cause Dataslayer errors and other related problems, such as queries NOT being updated.

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