Understanding Custom Metrics behavior in Looker Studio

In this article you will understand how custom metrics work in Looker Studio

But first,

What is a custom metric?

Custom metrics allow you to apply calculations to metrics that already exist and save that newly created formula, as well as name them, thus helping you to create more valuable reports for your business.

You must keep in mind that each custom metric you create will belong to the account in which you created it.

Note that Facebook custom events are NOT available on Meta's API, and therefore not in Dataslayer either. Learn more about custom events vs custom conversions here.

You can learn more about custom metrics from Meta here or, if you prefer, from Google here.

How to add custom metrics in Dataslayer?

As we said the custom metrics belong to the accounts in which they have been created. For this reason we must add the account to which the custom metric belongs in order to use it, following this steps:

1. Enter in a Looker Studio report and click on add data.

  • For this example we will use our connector Facebook Ads.


2. If it hasn't been done before, allow all permissions.


3. Now you need to select the account that has the custom metric that you want.

Keep in mind that this metric will only work for that specific account since it is a metric that belongs only to that account.


4. And that's it!, you will find the custom metrics of your account and be able to work with it.


I added an account with custom metrics but the metrics did not appear, why did this happen?

If you have selected allow "accounts" to be modified in reports option,


you will be able to change the account and add another account with its own custom metrics to the report.


But you will see that you WON'T be able to see this new account's custom metrics on the Data section.

Why is this happening?

Because you can only see the custom metrics of the accounts that you have added on the connector's set up. If you have added the account through the parameters option, the custom metrics won't appear.

So, how can I add custom metrics from other accounts to an existing report?

Please note that the custom metric of the already added account WILL NOT BE USEFUL for the data of this new account that you will add and vice versa. Since each custom metric only works for the data of the account it belongs to.

1. Click on the pencil to edit the data source.


2. Click on edit connection.


3. Add the account you want and click on reconnect.


4. Finally click on done.


That's it! You will be able to see the custom metrics of the account you have added on Data's section.

Please remember that each custom metric only works for the data of the account it belongs to.


As always, please contact us via our live chat on our website or via email if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!