Understanding the Templates feature in Dataslayer for BigQuery and API Query Manager

Did you experience one of these things with our BigQuery or API products?

  • Having to select many metrics and dimensions for each of your clients repetitively.
  • Your colleagues have to start tables from scratch with their accounts.
  • The invalid parameters combination error message constantly appears.

Don't worry about any of this anymore...

Introducing our Load Template functionality!

With this awesome functionality, you can load pre-defined tables or save your own, thus loading the number of metrics and dimensions directly, saving you all the time of selecting them.

Once you have logged in to BigQuery or API Query Manager, you will be able to use this functionality.

You will find this option above by selecting the data source's accounts, and clicking on the "Load template" button.

Understanding the Template options

When loading a template, a pop-up window will appear in which you can find two tabs: the "Dataslayer default tables" tab and the "Your custom tables" tab.

Dataslayer default tables

These are tables we have created for you! To use them, click on Preview to see the table's metrics and dimensions. Once you decide the table you want to use, click Load table. This action loads the parameters in your Origin Sidebar, you can edit the parameters once you load the template.

With these tables, you will not have the invalid parameters combination error as we have created and tested them to help you save time creating and testing your own.

Please note that these table templates by default, or their names, can not be modified nor deleted. Remember that you can edit the parameters once you load the template in the sidebar.

Your custom tables

In addition to the pre-defined tables, you can save your own templates!

If you are in a company, these table templates will be shared between all the company members, no matter what role you have.

To save and use them, follow these steps:

Saving your template

Once selected the parameters you want to save in the Origin Sidebar, click on the Save as template button you can find at the end of it. You will get a confirmation message.

Loading your custom template

If you have already saved a template, you can click on the Load template button to open the pop-up window, so you will be able to see your saved tables on the "Your custom tables" tab.


  • Understanding your custom tables tab icons

  1. Pencil icon: This action allows you to change the name of the template. Take into account that it will change also for all the company members.
  2. Bin icon: This action will delete the saved template. Note that it will be deleted for everyone in the company.
  3. Preview: As the Dataslayer default tables, this action will allow you to see the parameters saved.
  4. Load template: This button will only appear when you click previously on the Preview button, and it will load the template on the Origin Sidebar.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat on our website or via e-mail if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!