How to set up an Account Admin

As an Owner of your company's plan, you can choose a user of your company to be an Account Admin.

The Account Admin can also manage the company users and see their activity.

What is the role of an Account Admin?

As you may know, a Company Owner is the account that can manage and see statistics of the Company and manages the payment of the subscription (which is applied to all the Company), there can be only 1 Owner per Company.

The Admin Account will have the same role as the Owner but this user WILL NOT be able to see the billing settings.

The admin will not be able to see or modify the billing information. 


 How to set up an Account Admin

Take into account that you can set up as many admins as you want. 

1. Once created a company and added users to it, in the section called "My Company", you will see a "Convert to admin" button next to every company user.


2. After clicking on the button, a pop-up window will appear, click on allow. 


3. That's it! You will see the message that the user has been promoted.



How can I remove this role from a user ?

Also in the "My Company" section, you will be able to remove the admin role of the users who already have it.

You just have to click on the "Remove admin" button next to the user and click on "Allow" in the pop-up window, just like we did when converting to admin.



Some questions you may have about the Account Admin role:

  • Will they be able to create and/or delete other admins?
    Yes, they will.

  • Will they be able to edit the company settings?
    Yes, they will be able to change the Company name, add/delete users, and other editing functions.

  • As for the issues, an owner can see the issues of all the members of the company, but will the admin be able to do the same?
    Yes, they will.

  • The owner can see the activity of other users in his company, can also do this with the admin account?
    Yes, they can (and the same with GS Schedules).


 As always, please contact us via our website chat or through our email. if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!