How to use the "Include ChatGPT analysis" option in Dataslayer

The "Include ChatGPT analysis" option is a very useful and powerful feature to get a quick analysis created by ChatGTP artificial intelligence!

What this option does is that will help you to see how your campaigns are working in order to understand it better and based on that look at what actions you can do to improve or enhance them.

How to use the "Include ChatGPT analysis" option

Keep in mind that including this option can increase the running time of the query.

1. Open our extension in Google Sheets.

2. Create or modify the query you want to have an analysis by ChatGPT.

3. Select the "Include ChatGPT analysis" option and generate the table.

4. Done! Now you will be able to see the analysis done by ChatGPT in the first cells above your query.

That's how easy and fast you have the analysis!


Due to external limitations, this option has a 500-words limit.


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