Connect Google Sheets with Looker Studio

Learn how to use Google Sheets as a data source to make awesome PPC reports in Google Looker Studio.

In this article you can see how to connect your Dataslayer queries with Google Looker Studio in a few simple steps!

Once a query has been made in Google Sheets with, go to Looker Studio to import the spreadsheet where the query is.

Ensure you have selected the option "Use format compatible with Looker Studio" to avoid errors when using your query in Looker. Learn more about query options in Google Sheets here.

How to connect Google Sheets with Looker Studio.

1. Create a new dashboard on Looker Studio and add Google Sheets as a connector.

For any error with the Looker Studio dashboard, please contact Google Support as Google Sheets is a Google connector.

2. Authorize the connector with the same account you have created your query in Google Sheets.

3. Select the spreadsheet and the worksheet where the query is located and click on Add.

If you want to add more than one query to Looker, each query must be on a separate worksheet (you cannot put two queries on the same worksheet).

4. Done! Now you can work on Looker Studio and create a more visual PPC report with the data of your query on Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is a Google connector, for any error with the dashboard in Looker Studio you should contact Google Support.

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